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Tristan Thompson Mad At Tyga After He 'Liked' Baby Mama's Sexy Pics

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Tristan Thompson is reportedly angry at rapper Tyga after he 'liked' a sexy pic of Tristan's baby mama, Jordan Craig.

“Tristan is furious after he was told by a friend that Tyga was creeping on Jordan’s social media,” a source close told HollywoodLife. 

“Tristan considers Jordan to be family, and he doesn’t want Tyga to date her, slide into her DMs, use her, or break her heart.” 

Tristan left Jordyn high and dry while she was pregnant with their now two-year-old son for Khloe Kardashian. Who in a shocking twist of fate got cheated on repeatedly by Tristan who even tried to get it on with her baby sister's best friend - Jordyn Woods.

“Tristan is protective of Jordan, just like he is with Khloe, even though he knows he has made big mistakes with both of exes,” the source added. While they said that Tristan doesn’t know Tyga very well, “he knows enough about him to feel like Tyga needs to back off.”