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NBA star Tristan Thompson is back together with his first baby's mother Jordy Craig, MTO News has learned.

Tristan became an international star two and a half years ago, when he cheated on a pregnant Jordy with reality star Khloe Kardashian. He eventually broke up with Jordy, and entered a relationship with Khloe.

Since then, Tristan impregnated Khloe - cheated on her while pregnant - and the two split.

Well, MTO News spoke with one of Tristan's friend's who confirmed that Tristan is now BACK TOGETHER with his original baby's mama Jordy.

The couple are currently on a yacht vacation together in Jamaica. Both Tristan and Jordi's parents are immigrants from the Caribbean nation.

And the new couple brought their 2 year old son on the vacation. Here are pics of the two:


You know Khloe's not going to like this one bit. You can expect some Kardashian slander towards Tristan in 3 . . . 2. . . 1. . . 

Khloe was embroiled in scandal after it was revealed that Tristan’s first baby mama Jordan had bashed her in court earlier this year. Jordan claimed that the Cavaliers’ star rarely saw his son in the years after his birth because he was spending thousands on lavish gifts, trips and meals for Khloe.

Although Khloe got a ton of fan sympathy after Tristan cheated on her, it was alleged she had stolen the basketball hunk from his previous girlfriend. As Radar exclusively reported in June 2019, Jordan broke her silence via court documents, claiming Tristan had cheated on her, and that his public tryst with Khloe caused “serious pregnancy complications.”