Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian's relationship was hanging from a thread, now that thread has snapped. MTO news is hearing rumors that Tristan was caught cheating again.

In a new report from Radar Online, the publication claims to have witnessed Khloe's baby daddy feeling up on some girls butts.

Here is what the mag published:

“The Cavs may have lost the first game of the season but Tristan definitely won! He brought two hometown chicks who he’s known for years to the game,” a source close to the power forward told Radar.

“He was back in the private players area chopping it up, laughing and touching their a**es and everything. Basketball season is like a year long bachelor party and club scene for Tristan,” the source added. “He literally has a girl or two in every city!”

Khloe has been outspoken about the troubled relationship. She's told her family members that if she ever "catches" Tristan cheating again, she's taking True and leaving him forever.

There's even footage of the turmoil that Khloe had to go through right before she gave birth. A bunch of news reports came out that Tristan cheated and Khloe was clearly distressed.

As many may recall, Tristan was accused of cheating on Khloe at the time with multiple women. News broke just weeks before True was born.

"The things I can control I have to be able to control," a seemingly distressed Khloe says in the clip.

Footage then cuts to mom Kris Jenner, who appears to be reacting to the reports that Tristan allegedly wasn't loyal to Khloe. "These guys are, like, always going for sloppy seconds," she exclaims.

Later, we also see Khloe's family driving to the hospital, anxiously on their phones with hopes of getting there with enough time to catch the birth.

"I hope everyone gets here in time," Khloe says.