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Tristan Thompson just can't do a thing right these days, and this week he is being accused of trying to slide into a 17-year-old's dms.

The 17-year-old in question is influencer Yasmin Adelina who shared a screenshot of Thompson allegedly requesting permission to send her a dm and with it, he sent a purple heart emoji. 

Looking at her page, it doesn't indicate that she is 17 years of age, it simply says "Singer&Influencer" in her bio. But it's not a good look at all for the NBA star considering the mess he got himself into just weeks ago.

It is being reported that Tristan has been working hard to try and smooth things over with Khloe. It unknown whether he actually wants her back or whether he just wants them to co-parent amicably, but from the outside, it looks as though Thompson is more than ready to move on.