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Tristan Thompson's BABY MAMA Went Overboard . . . Reportedly Got RIBS REMOVED . . . Now Has A 'Revenge Body'!!


NBA star Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian are expecting their first child together. The two got together while Tristan was still with his other baby's mother, Jordy. As you can imagine, Jordy was NOT HAPPY with Tristan GHOSTING her for a Kardashian.

But Jordy's moved on . . . And now she's hot a revenge body. She exercised and dieted LIKE CRAZY for the first year since giving birth. And her body looked great.

"what was Tristan thinking? #BigDummy"

"Who did your lipo??? @alleyesonjordyc"

"Tristan you sick bro."

"When u look better than Khloe lmfaoooo it's true what they say an ex always downgrades"

People cannot believe that he left Jordy for Khloe and consider it a downgrade. Even Tristan's own father has bashed him on social media for taking up with the Kardashian. Last month, he responded to a comment on Instagram with the following:

"Tristan act like he does not have a father…. what gos around comes right back around…. watch and see he’s a want to be a man….LOL Tristan only listen to his self and mother what a joke they don’t know any better…. lol sad sad sad shame on them time will tell watch and see.... There’s nothing like having a father in your life for guidance…. I give thanks each and every day for my DAD whò knows what time a day it is ….. Tristan dose not respect his last name Thompson because he is $85 million stupid. Khloe has a boy and a baby too raise…LOL.”

Whatever his relationship with Jordy is like now, he cannot deny that she looks amazing.


But now, she's gone EXTRA OVERBOARD. After new video surfaced of Jordy - people began speculating that she got a "rib removed" to get a perfect waist. Rib removal surgery is a controversial surgery performed by doctors in Latin America.