The deets from the Tristan Thompson/ Jordyn Woods cheating scandal just keep on coming.

This time it is being reported that the pair had already agreed to deny the affair if they were ever caught.

According to PEOPLE:

“It seemed she had an agreement with Tristan that they would deny hooking up if they got caught,” the source says, adding that the basketball player, 27, had assured the 21-year-old model that “no one would find out.”

“Jordyn was shocked when the family did find out and confronted her,” continues the source, who says Woods initially denied their alleged tryst. “Jordyn acted very distraught. But the family feels that she is mostly upset that she got caught.”

Meanwhile, Khloe has been responding to the controversy using quotes via her Instagram story:

Some fans are unsympathetic to Khloe's pain. After all, it is alleged that she met and started dating Tristian while he was still in a relationship with his first baby mama, whose name is also Jordan: