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Tristan Out With Khloe . . . Her Belly's Gone . . . & His Pants Are TIGHTER THAN HERS!!


Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson were spotted arriving at Poppy nightclub. The couple have been working through the TROUBLES in their relationship.

The 27 year old Tristan was caught cheating on 33 year old Khloe, with at least five women. And Tristan wasn't being discreet about his philandering either. Videos turned up - showing Tristan with THOTS from all over the country.

But things appear to be improving in their relationship SINCE the birth of their daughter True. Khloe appears to have forgiven Tristan and at least for the time being - Tristan has sworn OFF THE THOTS.

As you can see Tristan opted to wear HIGHWATER Gucci sweatpants and Khloe wore a skintight mini dress.


Khloe gave birth in Cleveland and has been living there since giving birth back in April. But clearly she couldn't WAIT to get out of dodge and back to her native California. Tristan and Khloe recently moved back to LA and the couple was spotted out at Japanese restaurant Nobu in Malibu. Then the pair moved on to The Peppermint Club according to TMZ. There they met up with Khloe's half-sister Kendall Jenner and her new beau NBA Baller Ben Simmons. Reports say sister Kourtney was in attendance as well. 

It was a great homecoming for Khloe who was said to desperately miss her family.

Khloe's family is still very unhappy with Tristan. It will be interesting to see how they will treat him,' a source told People magazine. 'Although Khloe defends him and her reasons to stay with him, her family feels she deserves much better.'

'Tristan is nervous about the family. He knows they're mad at him and he's definitely going to work to get back on their good side.'