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Tristan CAUGHT Cheating On Khloe AGAIN . . . New Girl Is 'MUCH PRETTIER' Than Khloe!!


Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on his baby mama Khloe again. And it may be time for Khloe to call it quits. A new report from the site Radar Online claims that they caught Tristan snuggled up with a young "sexy" woman. The report claims that the woman that Tristan was with was "much prettier" than baby mama Khloe.

According to the report, Tristan - who is just 27 - was teaching at a basketball camp on August 9, where he was accompanied by a 'young and sexy woman'.

'They looked like more than friends because he had his hand on her lower back when they arrived. There was definitely something there,' an employee at the Tortono Pan Am Sports Centre told the website. 

Tristan and LeBron James were spotted out on a double date last week. The two men were with two very attractive women.

Khloe appears to realize that her relationship is on life support. At her sister Kylie's 21st birthday, she wore a green dress and told fans that her relationship with Tristan is "complicated."

Videos posted on social media showed that guests at the party were asked to choose a Solo cup color based on their relationship status: yellow for “Single AF,” pink for “Taken” and green for “It’s complicated.”

Khloe was spotted walking around the party with a green cup.

Thompson was noticeably absent from Kylie's party but Kardashian, who welcomed daughter True with the athlete in April days after his cheating scandal made headlines, appeared to reference their rollercoaster relationship.