A 58 year old man from Trinidad died this weekend after taking a concoction of sexual enhancement pills, alcohol and energy drinks and then engaging in what the local press is calling "vicious s*x."

The incident occurred in the Chase Village area on Friday night.

It all popped off when police were called to the 58 year old man's house after neighbors heard loud screams from inside. When they entered, the police saw that a the man and woman had “vicious sex” in the home, according to the Trinidad Express.

And the man, a local mechanic - was nude and unresponsive on the bed.

Investigators said they were informed by others who were present at the time that during the course of the night, the man, whose identity was not revealed, had been drinking puncheon rum, beers, stout and energy drinks, all while surveying the numerous women at the club.

According to the local paper, the man paid a woman to accompany him to his room at the upstairs portion of the building.

But not long after they entered the room, the security guards heard the woman’s screams.

She was interviewed by officers during which she informed them that she and the man had been having “vicious sex.”

However, they woman said she found it strange that while on top of her, the man suddenly stopped moving, trapping her beneath.

At first, she was of the assumption that he had passed out due to his drunken state but later realized he was not breathing. It was at this point she called out for help, police say.