Trina To Khia: I'm Not Stepping Off My Throne To Address No Bum!!

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Trina has responded to Khia, who said that she wanted to go hit-for-hit with her on Live -- Trina says that Khia is not on her level.

"I'm not going to entertain the blogs, I'm a not a person that does all of that, everybody knows me, I'm a queen. This is called royalty over here, ok I'm not stepping off my throne to address no bum, no chicks that are beneath me, and nobody that has not worked as hard as I worked for anything," Trina said in the video.

Trina then implies that Khia does not have the ten hits to go against her.

"So when you girls or whatever you wanna be, are calling my name you wanna battle, you wanna do all this. First of all make sure you have ten hits, make sure you have enough records, make you're on my level if you think you wanna go toe to toe with me, cause you cannot. Lets make that very clear, so the blogs or whoever else can post whatever. I will not address you scumbags you are beneath me and you always will be, please make sure you understand that."