Stevie J upset more than a couple of folks earlier this week after he trashed the hair and makeup of the ladies on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, but now Trina has responded to the producer -- and she wants him to mind his business.

"Dear Stevie J, you and every other man that has something to say about women's hair, cut it out," said Trina. "We don't talk about y'all nappy ass hair, y'all struggling beards that barely connect, or nothing else you guys have going on. When I look at Love & Hip Hop Miami, most of the women's hair is laid. We're talking about mine. You never catch my hair f*cked up. Always laid, always done by the best. Are you serious?"

Her post is in response to a tweet by Stevie J which read:

"Good morning! Ladies retire those lace fronts from love n hip hop Miami! Except PM. Fire hair & make up immediately, have our beautiful Sisters looking nuts out here!"

Despite the backlash, many on social media agreed with Stevie J.