Trina revealed that she "dodged a bullet" when the subject of her ex, French Montana came up during a recent sit-down.

Trina visited 'The Breakfast Club' to promote her new album, 'The One' which boasts features from Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled, Rico Love & more.

In her song, "B.A.P.S." featuring Nicki Minaj, Trina shouts out her ex and some industry guys who tried to holler.

"This is for French Montana/ Tory Lanez and friends/ Jay Harden, and you too, Mr. Martin," she raps at the beginning of her first verse.

Angela Yee didn't beat around the bush:

"You had to set it off with French…" and Trina then looks at D.J. Envy, who responds, "Why you looking at me?"

Trina threw some subtle shade before keeping it moving:

"We is not going to indulge in this conversation 'cause I don't got time to even be clocking in there on this guy… I am telling you right now. Let's keep it cute again. I dodged a bullet. We all know what it is."

Trina is still fuming with French after he denied that they were ever romantically involved on national television.