Trina Braxton has a new man - and they're serious. 

MTO News caught up with Trina and her new bae at the premiere of OWN's new dating series, "Ready to Love," produced by Will Packer.

Trina attended the show with her new boyfriend. The couple have been dating seriously now for about six months, and they are contemplating taking their relationship to the next step (ie marriage).

Braxton’s main squeeze's name is Vaughn, and MTO News learned that he’s from St. Louis.

Viewers of “Braxton Family Values” were introduced to Vaughn earlier in the season. At the time Braxton’s sister Towanda Braxton showed up on a date that was crashed by their sister Traci Braxton.

The sitdown was reasonably uncomfortable for Trina as she usually has a few issues when her siblings meet anyone she dates.

“It’s never good when I introduce my sisters to anyone that I’m dating because they just don’t know how to act,” Trina explains in the episode. It then cut to a flashback to season 4 when her sisters met her ex-boyfriend Jacent, as he was grilled about what he does for a living and if he’s going to pay for their meals.

Surprisngly this time sister Tamar HATES Trina's new man.

A person close to the Braxtons told MTO News, "Tamar thinks that Trina only likes White or Latino guys and that she's better off finding herself a non-Black man." The insider added, "It's very ignorant to think that Trina only likes non-Black men, but then again Tamar can be ignorant."

And Tamar is just going to have to GET USED to Trina's new man - because from what we hear - Trina's new man is here to stay.