Trina Braxton Does The BIG CHOP . . . Cuts Off ALL HER HAIR . . . Like Sister Tamar! (PICS)

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Tamar Braxton isn't the only Braxton sister that's gone SHORT. Trina Braxton unveiled her new shot hair on the hit show Sister's Circle yesterday.

Trina had been wearing a weave for the past 20 years. And now she's finally free of the expensive extensions. And we LOVE the way she looks.

Trina was on Sister's Circle - and unveiled her new look to the hosts and fans. And she got a HUGE round of applause from the audience - who loved her look as much as we did.


Besides Trina's hair changing people have also been coming for SISTER Toni and her alleged PLASTIC SURGERY.

The site claimed that Toni's been getting knifed up. 

They said:

Hmm, has Toni Braxton had some plastic surgery recently? That question is being asked by folks because a new pic of the singer taken while she was in a car has got some debating whether she’s gone under the knife … again.

You may recall that back in 1993, she revealed that had a nose job while recording her 1993 debut album. In any event, she captioned the recent image, ”Vibes.” And no, we don’t have a clue as to what she’s specifically referring to. But of course it didn’t matter ’cause what onlookers were focused on was her tiny schnoz.

“You look cute booo but ya nose looks smaller,” a fan commented. “Like it was none.”

“Now what in the hell happened to the other portion of your nose!? Commmmeonnnnnnn…” someone else said.

“Did you get a nose job?” on fan wondered. “It’s looking awfully thin. Birdman brought that undercover freak out in you! rockin 51!”

“She a pretty lady but [why] she re-do her nose smh,” another said.