Trina Apologizes For Remarks About Protestors


Trina took to the radio to issue an apology for the remarks she made about protestors looting in Atlanta. -- referring to them as "animals."

"I just want to say I apologize sincerely to everybody I offended by what I said. I spoke passionately about how I felt about people destroying our community here in Miami," said Trina. "I'm not going to say 'Black people are animals. But I didn't say 'Hey all of my people I'm not talking to you.'"

She continued, "When we spoke to the commissioner, I said to Trick, 'I learned a lot more about what's really happening,' because I'm trying to get what's the solution, what is the answer to everything that is happening? It's more than just people in the streets doing whatever, it's the commissioners, it's the governor, it's the mayor, the chief of police, I had no idea of that, and now I'm understanding that. These are the people that has to protect the cities. These are the people that you want answers from, you want change."

Twitter 'canceled' Trina after the following rant disparaging protestors aired on the radio.