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Trina Addresses 'WAP' Controversy: It's A Woman's World

Trina has spoken out following the recent backlash of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's hit single, "WAP."

Her name was brought into the argument after many compared the song's raunchy lyrics to Trina's. Trina says she loves the song.

"When it came to the song, duh, it's a woman's world. Some of my friends kept telling me, "Oh, people are making a big deal about this song." And we were just like, "What?" We just kept laughing. I just feel like it's a freedom of expression. I feel like I'm the main person to be like, "Yes," because I'm a sensual person. I came out in my career talking about being sensual and being expressive," she told Complex.

She also spoke on the "WAP" haters.

"They're mad. They're mad because you could really see the incline in female rappers right now. We're not in competition with the men, but it's always been a male-dominated industry," she explains.

"We all know that for a fact. It just shows that over time, more girls unite and connect and work together. I've been screaming this for decades, because when I came into the game, it was that. It was me, Eve. It was Missy. It was all the girls that linked up. Then for a moment, it was dry, and it wasn't that."