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44 year old Love & Hip Hop star/rapper Trina is still dating a much younger man, and now she's trying to get pregnant. Before dating, Trina and 28-year-old Raymond had been friends for a very long time, as Trina explained on Love & Hip Hop Miami

Earlier this year, the two decided to cross the line, and start dating. And it seems to be working out really well. Recent pics suggest that Trina is still SMITTEN by her much younger bae.

Raymond describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, and Trina's number one supporter.

After breaking up with NBA star Kenyon Martin, there was a lot of drama surrounding the beautiful Trina. Before Kenyon, Trina was in a relationship with rapper Lil Wayne. It took Trina some time to get over the drama and troubles caused by her ex Kenyon.

All thanks to the fellow co-star of LHHM and cousin of Trina, Joy Young, she got a chance to reunite with Raymond. When Trick Daddy’s ex-wife Joy was trying to get her groove back, she tagged her cousin Trina along as her back up. Now we bet Trina must be quite happy with her decision.

And word is that the two are talking about starting a family together. According to a person close to Trina, the two are reportedly trying to conceive a baby.

Trina's pal explained, "Trina's on fertlilyt [treatments], they're trying to get pregnant."

Take a look at some of their photos the two boo'd up, they make a real cute couple.

Here's Trina:

And here's her bae: