Trick Daddy Blasts 'Catfishing H*es' On The Gram

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Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast member Trick Daddy went off on a hilarious rant on Instagram, calling out women who catfish on social media.

"You don't impress me. Y'all hoes better wake up. 'Cause Your AP lost value as soon as you walked it out the muthaf*ckin' jewelry store," he told his followers.

"A lot of you hoes act all cute and prissy and think you know everything, ya p*ssy is not worth how you look. That's what a Catfish is. Y'all think catfish is a hoe take a picture in at an angle," he ranted. "Suck her tummy in. That's not a catfish. Catfish is you hoes that act bad, look bad, dress in designer and your p*ssy smell like dead fish," he continued. "That's what a catfish is."

We hope Trick isn't out trying to hook up with women right now. We're in the middle of a pandemic.