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R&B superstar Trey Songz and Lori Harvey, daughter to Steve Harvey, are in love. Trey announced publicly on Instagram Live yesterday, that he "loves" Steve's daughter.

Trey was at Lori's apartment last night, celebrating her birthday - and he dropped the "L word" on her.

The R&B hunk and Lori Harvey are quickly becoming one of the most popular couples in entertainment.

Here's a video:

Trey and Lori have been dating now for almost six months — off and on. The two met when Trey appeared on Steve Harvey's show, and Steve tried to help him find love.

After the show, Trey and Steve's daughter Lori exchanged numbers - and the rest is history.

Steve has not yet commented on Lori's relationship. But given that he and Trey were friends - it's likely that he approves of the 34 year old singer for his 21 year old daughter.

Over the holidays the couple spent quality time together. Lori and Trey were seen hanging out in Beverly Hills together. Lori, who had gotten engaged in 2017 to Dutch-Ghanaian soccer player Memphis Depay, shied away from the cameras that followed the famous pair, even resorting to ducking in their ride’s dash to avoid the snaps. Her coy demeanor seems to have changed since then as she cozies up to the R&B singer for the holiday season.

The lovebirds were cuddling, kissing and nesting on each other at the popular hot spot The Phoenix in Los Angeles.”