Trey Songz Says He Wanted To Sign Summer Walker But Couldn't Track Her Down

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R&B singer Trey Songz has claimed that he once wanted to sign Summer Walker after hearing "Girls Need Love" before its release -- but didn't know her name.

"But funny story about Summer Walker that a lot of people don't know — actually, nobody knows," he said on The Quicksilva Show. "I got this app in my phone that I store music in, unreleased music -- everything from people sending me songs that they'd like me to listen to or like me to cut or feature on, et cetera. So I had this song that I would listen to, and I forgot who sent it to me."

He continued, "So, it's like two years. I'm listening to this girl singing this song, the "Girls Need Love" song. So I'm like, I text Moo, do you know who sent this song? I text every producer I know personally, 'Do you know who's singing this song?' I love this girl. I want to sign this girl. And then like two years later, Summer Walker comes out with "Girls Need Love "..."