Trey Songz Leaks Pics Of His Babys Mama - Twitter Goes CRAZY!!

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Trey Songz announced last year that he had a secret baby - with a woman that he barely knew. Since then, Trey has not only publicly acknowledged his son Noah - but the singer has posted pics of his son all over social media.

Well now Trey Songz is posting pics of his baby's mama as well, MTO News has learned.

The R&B singer posted a pic showing the woman - Caro Colon

Trey wrote: “I’m obsessed; we did that, YOU did that! You’re a great Mother and you deal with all the extra’s very gracefully. I’ll always be eternally grateful to you Noah’s Mumma,” Trey, born Tremaine Aldon Neverson, captioned the gallery of photos featuring his adorable toddler. 

So who is Caro Colon? Well, she's Dave East's baby mother's sister. The beautiful Caro reportedly used to work as a bottle girl/dancer at the popular NYC gentleman's club Lust.

Here are some comments that people are leaving about her:

So someone was threatening to leak her photo, so Trey got ahead of it ala Drake ?

She's cute and doesn't look trashy! Refreshing! Beautiful kid and photos! Too bad Trey is a hoe

She isn't biracial, she is full Spanish origin and speaks spanish, so yes the kid is bi-racial. She's just like Cardi, except she doesn't have type 4 hair.