Trey Songz Hit w/ More Sexual 'Assault' Allegations: Twitter Is Cancelling Him!!


R&B singer Trey Songz is currently fighting for his reputation, after MTO News has learned that two Instagram thotties are accusing the R&B singer of holding them hostage and urinating on them.

The two women appeared on the No Jumper podcast, and claimed that Trey wouldn't allow them to leave the hotel room where they were being held, and had sex with them multiple times. One woman claimed that Trey urinated on her.

But these two thotties aren't the only ones with disturbing stories about him. Here's pop star Bebe Rexha explaining how Trey held her down and kissed her at a party:

And Keke Palmer had a disturbing story to tell about how Trey was "pressuring" her inside his Miami home:

Trey was also sued earlier this year for $10 million, MTO News has confirmed, from an anonymous Jane Doe who claims that the singer sexually assaulted her in his hotel room.

Well, Trey responded to the allegations: