Trey Songz is dating Steve Harvey's daughter Lori, and now he's being accused of "cheating" on her with an adult film star.

Trey and Lori Harvey have been seeing each other now for a few months, MTO News has confirmed. But an adult film star claims that Trey was sliding in her DMs and trying to set up a date a few weeks ago.

And the woman - a p*rn star named Brittany XXX - has receipts that she claims proves Trey's infidelity. The industry th*t released DM messages that Trey allegedly sent her

Here are her receipts:


And here are some images of the girl. Her Twitter account is full of graphic X-rated content:

Trey and Lori Harvey met during a taping of her father Steve's show. On the show, Steve was trying to set Trey up on a date. While there, Trey and Lori exchanged numbers and eventually started dating.

There’s a series of photos that show the rumored couple canoodling at an L.A. club as well, and they look completely enamored with each other. Both Lori and Songz also posted content to their IG stories page from the same places for more than 10 months, so some might find the timing of all of this very interesting.

That’s because Lori was engaged to professional soccer player Memphis Depay, which her mother Marjorie Harvey announced in June 2017. But after a while, talk of the engagement grew cold, and even though there wasn’t an official announcement, it’s apparently now off.

According to The YBF, Songz treated Lori to a diamond necklace, and she bought the singer some diamond jewelry as well. They were also spotted driving off in Songz’s gray Mercedes-Benz after that, and there’s one photo of Lori trying to hide her face from the paparazzi.

It's not clear if the couple are exclusively dating each other.