Trey Songz Arrest Reportedly Happened Because He Refused To Wear A Mask


On Monday, the world was shocked to find out that Trey Songz had been arrested after fighting a cop in self-defense.

Now more details have emerged, and the singer was reportedly arrested for refusing to wear a mask.

Kansas City police said that they received a complaint about a man not wearing a mask at the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills game. Refusing to wear a mask is a breach of the COVID-19-related protocols and other code of conduct rules for fans.


According to AP News, cops say he refused to follow orders from the private security guards at Arrowhead Stadium and was asked to leave. After his refusal to leave the stadium, security called the Kansas City police and Jackson County sheriff’s office. After police's arrival, the singer was warned several times that if he did not comply and leave, he would be arrested. Local police allege that's when Trey punched one officer and put him in a headlock.

Ironically though at least one officer in the video is also seen not wearing a mask, while others are wearing theirs incorrectly. Trey has since been released from custody.