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There's a new trend on social media, it's called "Blackfishing." Blackfishing is where a White girl uses makeup to darken her skin, so as to make herself appear to be Black or mixed.

The trend is growing as more Caucasian instagram models are realizing that Black and mixed girls are getting more attention on social media.

One girl from Sweden is being called out, for what her followers claim is Blackfishing. The girl, a 100% Caucasian woman from Sweden, changed her skin complexion and her hair texture. And many claim that she appears to have changed her "race" too.

The girl, who goes by the name Emma, gained more than 100,000 new followers since she allegedly began Blackfishing. She's now one of the more popular Instagram models in her country.

Here's what the Swedish white girl looks like on social media:

She was called out yesterday on social media for what some are calling "cultural appropriation. 

Here are her responses to the accusations:

But Emma isn't the only Instagram model being accused of Blackfishing. Here are more girls accused of changing their race online: