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Salt N’ Pepa legend, Pepa, and her Naughty By Nature ex, Treach, are about to have a son-in-law.

Unfortunately for Pepa, she hates the man that recently proposed to her daughter.

The 1990s rap couple's 20 year old daughter, Eqypt Criss, got the shock of her life during a recent performance with her man/fellow rapper, Sammattick. 

In the middle of their set at Whiskey a Go Go in New York, Sammattick dropped down on one knee and asked his bae’ to become his wife.

But Pepa and Treach don't like Sammattick, and they feel that he and Egypt are too young to be getting married.

Back in June BET reported that:

Apparently, GUHH cameras were rolling for the special moment [engagement] so we will probably get to see it in full detail during the upcoming fifth season of the show. 

This proposal changes GUHH’s dynamic in a big way: Egypt and Sam almost had a quickie wedding in Las Vegas last year, which led to Egypt’s inner circle rushing in to put a kibosh on the whole thing at the last minute. 

Pepa reportedly doesn’t believe Sam is the man for her daughter and suggests there are some negative qualities about him that Egypt isn’t seeing herself.

In the Growing Up Hip Hop season finale last year, Pepa and Treach told Egypt that they didn't approve of her jumping the broom with Sammattick. 

In the below scene, Papa and her niece Tee Te, told Egypt they had several ‘reservations’ about Sammattick- one being that he’s ‘too controlling’ of Egypt. 

Egypt rejected her mom's advice (as you could imagine) and told them both that she’s tired of being treated like a child. 

Here's a video of the exchange: