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Travis Scott's Former Manager Claims He Left Him For Dead Mid-Seizure!!

A former manager is claiming that Travis Scott once left him for dead while he was in the middle of having a seizure.

 "Travis Scott is the worst person I worked with in my entire career in music … And I hate to be the one saying this, but I saw this coming and I tried to tell everyone," Shane Morris claimed on TikTok.

Producer DDot shared the tweet.

"The story that DDot is telling is true. I'm Travis Scott's former manager. I'm the one who had a seizure and I'm the one he left for dead in a basement in Los Angeles. I originally told my account in 2013 and then it recirculated on Reddit about six years ago. The stories coming out about Astroworld and all the videos documenting the evidence are quite clear, and they align with what I know about Travis Scott. When he sees people in harm or danger he tends to only continue thinking about himself.

"And to make it worse, he's been doing this for years at other concerts. I could go on and on about the theft of sessions, assaults and the lies he's told in his career. But the thing that I want you to understand most is that …"