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Yung Sweetro, the woman who was believed to be Travis Scott's side chick (and denies) is speaking out the Kardashian clan- claiming that they are blocking every opportunity that comes her way.

The young woman recently aired out her grievances in a series of posts on social media. She said:

"Tired of biting my tongue. I've done exactly what was asked of me, when it was asked of me. Even changed the first statement because they wanted it to say "leave her alone" when I didn't want to out of respect for her feelings. Remained honest and respectful through all the bullshit, didn't try to make a dollar off this horrible situation that I was wrongfully dragged into. I've done right by this evil family, and they're still pulling out all the stops behind closed doors to block every opportunity that comes my way even though it has nothing to do with them. That's where I draw the line," she wrote of the KarJenners.

She continued:

"I wish the truth would just reveal itself. It's frustrating knowing it never will because everyone's either scared, paid off or aware that there's no way to come out victorious when dealing with these people because they have so much control in so many places including the media, and consequently, the minds and pockets of the public. [...] "I'm not speaking now out of spite, or being salty over extra money I didn't need, What I'm doing with my life is much greater than being an 'Instagram model' or fraudulent reality star.'

The model even compares herself to Jordyn Woods - who was excommunicated by the reality television family.

Check out her posts below: