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Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner announced yesterday that they were separating. Well, according to folks on social media, the platinum selling rapper actually dumped Kylie so that he could be with someone else - an Instagram model.

The Instagram model - named Yung Sweetro - has a history with Travis, and unfortunately for Kylie - she has a history with the youngest Kardashian as well.

Back in March, Yung Sweetro went on Instagram and blasted Kylie Jenner for blocking her. At the time, it was rumored that Yung Sweetro was Travis Scott's side chick.


Then, a few days later, Yung Sweetro fired another shot at Kylie - telling the youngest Kardashian that she should "tell her baby daddy [Travis] thanks" while posting the picture below.

It wasn't clear what Yung Sweetro was thanking Travis for at the time, but many suspected that Travis had bought her some form of a side chick gift.


And there's more. Just a few weeks after publicly shading Kylie, Yung Sweetro attended Travis' INVITE ONLY birthday party. The birthday party, which was well anticipated, had EXTRA TIGHT security and it was clear that she couldn't have attended if someone in Travis' camp did not allow her inside.

Once inside, Yung Sweetro shamelessly leaked pics from inside the event. 

Here are the pics from the event:


And yesterday, when news broke about Travis and Kylie breaking up - fans of Travis and Kylie flooded Yung Sweetro's Instagram page. One fan even suggested that Travis should "upgrade" her wigs now that the two are together.

Yung Sweetro in her response did not deny that she and Travis were together, but she did tell the fan that she doesn't wear wigs. 



For those interested in what she looks like, here are pics of Yung Sweetro: