These days side chicks are getting out of control. Hip hop star Travis Scott has allegedly been cheating on his babys mother Kylie Jenner. And now his alleged side chick is firing shots at Kylie.

Reports surfaced last month that Kylie caught Travis cheating on her. TMZ claimed that Kylie caught Travis red handed. And the site claims that the couple are now working to fix their relationship.

Well new reports surfaced this week, suggesting that the girl that Travis was cheating on Kylie with, is Instagram beauty Yung Sweet Ro. Yung Sweet Ro has a similar look to Kylie Jenner- only Ro went one size bigger than Kylie on all her fake body parts.

This morning, Yung Sweet Ro got the rumor mill moving in overdrive. She told her fans that Kylie Jenner has been "blocking and unblocking" her. And Ro taunted Travis' babys mother publicly about being blocked.

Here's the girl:

And here are her taunts: