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The Hennepin County Library in Minnesota has become the centre of an online scandal. The library brought in a transgender to read a story to children, and the t-girl had an accident - her penis accidentally "fell out" in the middle of story time.

According to social media accounts, the incident occurred on Oct. 17. The transgender, named Sasha Sota, was asked by the library to read a story to a group of children. 

In one of the photos from the event, Sota’s spread legs can be seen briefly flashing the group of toddlers.

Here is the image:

The communications specialist for Hennepin County Maria Baca offered this explanation about the embarrassing incident:

“Every performance is different. That allows for a new show every day, but also introduces the possibility of new mistakes", explained Maria.

“Partway through this year’s schedule, we realized the need for a performer dress code. We followed up right away with each of the performers to ensure that their costumes are appropriate for the audience and activity.”