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Transgender Gets In 'Sword Fight' In NYC - Now In Critical Condition!! (Video)

A New York City transgender woman was struck in the head with a large object and is now in critical condition, MTO News has learned. 


And the entire incident was captured on video.


The video shows the incident, which occurred in New York's Washington Heights neighborhood. In the video, a transgender woman approaches a Dominican man - preparing for battle. 

The trans woman and the Dominican man were both carrying large sticks, as they approached each other for battle. Both swung their weapons, but the Dominican man was more skilled with his - and he struck the trans-lady in the head, hard.

She immediately crumpled to the ground and fell unconscious.

According to multiple social media reports, the woman was later rushed to the hospital, where she was placed in intensive care. One person claiming to have inside info told MTO News that the trans girl is in "critical condition."