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Transgender Female Just Put HIP HOP PRODUCER Jazze Pha On Blast . . . She Claims They've Been Having An AFFAIR . . . And The Trans-Girl Is Dragging Jazzy Pha's WIFE . . . Into This MESS!!!

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Hip Hop producer Jazze Pha has just been dragged into a very MESSY situation. A transgender female named Felicity Noire is on Instagram claiming that she and Jazzy have been engaged in a relationship for many months.

It all started last night when Jazze Pha's wife Tamme Moorehead posted a picture of transexual party girl Felicity Noire on Facebook asking if Felicity were a man or a woman.

Jazze Pha's wife must not have known who she was messing with, because FELICITY spilled all the tea.

She claims that Jazze's wife Tamme has been harassing her, after she found out about the ALLEGED affair between her and Jazze.