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A transgender woman named Nikita Dragon is claiming to have had an encounter with rapper Tyga. And she claims that Tyga tried to set up a date with her - while knowing that she's transgender.

Nikita claims that she was at a Halloween party at Tyga's house in 2017, and was kicked out by one of his friends when they found out she's transgender.

But as Nikita was walking out of the party, she claims that Tyga stopped her and asked for her number. And that's not all.

The bouncer guy took a particular interest in my t-girl friend. He was like 'walk with me for a second'. . . . They start walking down the street and go behind a car. . .. and they're talking.

It turns out that the security guard was screening the girls to make sure that the two were transgender. The guard asked question like "is your a** real." He also reportedly pulled down the t-girl's pants to make sure she had her male appendage.


Nikita claims that later that night, Tyga's team called and tried to set up a date with the two girls. She believes that Tyga has a fetish for t-girls and was trying to stealthily hook up with them.

Here's the full video of her discussion:

The Youtube star did not specifically name Tyga, but she gave a ton of hints. And if you read the comments on the video, her followers almost uniformly believe that she's talking about Tyga.

And there's more evidence. The trans-woman in the video explained that the rapper lived in a giant house in Beverly Hills.

Well, on Halloween 2017, Tyga was renting a Beverly Hills home that was rented to him by Mezhgan Hussainy beginning March 2017. Here's a pic of the house: