There's a new fight on the horizon for transgender activists. Many trans activists are hoping to end "genital preference."

"Genital preference" is when a person chooses to exclusively date a person with "male" or "female" organs.

The fight against gender preference that is being pushed by some trans activists is different than many of the previous causes taken up by the trans community in that - gay men and lesbians are on the opposite side as trans-people.

The fight against "gender preference" for example, says that lesbians should be open to dating people born with penises. And that gay men should be open to date people born with vaginas. Many in the gay and lesbian community do not agree with that proposition.

Here are some of the posts from trans activists - strung to make their case on Twitter:


Transgender individuals have been highlighted in mainstream news recently, in particular the black community, as actor Malik Yoba recently explained his preference of dating transgender women. But it hasn't been without controversy...

According to The Root:

Actor Malik Yoba stormed off the set during an on-camera interview with The Root Friday after being asked about allegations that he solicited sex from a minor who engaged in survival sex work in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The walkout was also seemingly triggered by questions about his motives for publishing an Instagram post that declared his love and attraction for trans women, which has since been deleted.

During the conversation at The Root’s studios, The Root asked Yoba to respond to a Facebook post by Mariah Lopez Ebony, in which she accuses the actor of soliciting sex from her at ages 13 and 16. Yoba said, “I don’t know the woman,” and “I have no idea who she is.” In a phone interview with The Root on Saturday, Lopez, now 34, stood by her claims, saying her first sex act with Yoba took place at age 13, and the second act occurred at age 16.