A trans model has publicly blasted Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley for dissing her while she walked the catwalk at NYFW.

"Who is that?" Sonja can be heard asking Medley in the since-deleted Instagram live video, referring to model Miz Cracker, 35. "Oh, that's a guy, right?" 

"Well, with a body like that, it's a guy," Dorinda said. "That's a guy."

"Yeah, with a body like that it's a guy, you're absolutely right," Sonja added. 

Miz got wind of their catty remarks and blasted them online:

"As a transgender woman, I've never thought of myself as a model. But I have always tried to fully embrace who I am in whatever I do," she told PEOPLE.

"Sometimes that requires being vulnerable and brave. I was excited to model in a runway show for Garo Sparo at New York Fashion Week, an artist who celebrates diversity and authenticity." 

She continued, "During that show, as I walked down the catwalk with my head held high in who I am, a few women in the front row (who we've all seen on television) spoke hurtful, damaging comments, saying, 'With a body like that, it's a guy.' In fact, that very moment was captured on social media and shared with the world." 

Sonja is known for putting her foot in her mouth, and Dorina can be insensitive also if she's had a glass of bubbly or two. Why they would share their comments on social media is puzzling.

Miz went on to say: "People don't get to choose their sexual orientation or gender identity," she said. "What people do get to choose though is projecting rude and cruel behavior toward other people over for things they have no control over. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. But we as a society, must do better. People in positions of influence and power must do better. And to any trans woman out there feeling inadequate as a woman, keep strutting honey."