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Trans-Lady Sidney Starr Claims She Slept w/ Darius McCrary; He DENIES!!

Darius McCrary, the actor who played Eddie Winslow in the 1990s tv show Family Matters was going viral yesterday, after a news report was published, stating that he was "dating" popular transgender Sidney Starr.


Darius has since come out to deny the rumors - calling them "fake news." Sidney on the other hand is saying that the pair are, or at least were romantically together.

Who do you believe is telling the truth? Here's how the drama played out.

It all started yesterday when Sidney - an open transgender with fully functional male body parts - leaked pics of she and Darius embracing on her Instagram . Darius was seen embracing the t-lady and that got the rumor mill going into overdrive. 


And there's more evidence that the two were allegedly romantically linked. Last month, MTO News confirmed that Darius posted the following flirtatious message on Sidney's page. He's been "friends" with Sidney for months:


Sidney was born a male, and lived out the first 15 years of her life as a boy - before transitioning into a female.


And just when the rumor mill started running wild, Sidney decided to throw some gasoline on the fire. She allegedly leaked an image that appears too show the two kissing:

Not sure how Darius can explain this one.


Darius was forced to come out and deny the relationship. The actor, who is engaged to another woman (his fiancé is NOT transgender),  claims that Sidney is lying about any romance between them. 

Darius claims that he and Sidney are "just friends" and that she's lying about him to get clout.

Listen to his explanation: