Comedian Tracy Morgan did not have a great day on Tuesday and was captured on camera going off on a female Uber driver who hit his brand new $2 million Bugatti.

“B*tch get out the car!” Morgan yells after hitting the passenger-side window of the Honda CRV. The actual crash was not caught on film, but it's clear from the footage that Morgan feels as though the Uber driver made a gross error. According to reports, Morgan was less than a mile away from the dealership.

Morgan them climbs out of his car via the passenger-side door, telling a passerby, "$2 million car... Just bought it.” He then speaks to the driver of the other car.

The Bugatti sales manager at Manhattan Motorcars told the Daily News Morgan had bought the car just 30 minutes before the collision.

“This was his dream car. He was talking about it all weekend,” he said. “He couldn’t wait to get it.” The sales manager added that the repair would be “easy.”