Tracy Morgan Details His Sex Life During Self-Isolation

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Comedian Tracy Morgan sat down for a recent interview, but things turned awkward for the reporter as Tracy spilled the tea on his sex life since being locked down with his wife.

"We're role-playing. She's playing a young maiden whose grandfather was infected with coronavirus, and I'm the scientist who discovered the cure. And she'll do anything to save her grandfather's life--and I mean anything," he told the stunned reporter.

Morgan also said that he gets his wife pregnant at least one time a week.

"We've been quarantined for four weeks -- I'm old school. I don't pull out," he said.

He also expressed concern after hearing that several tigers in the Bronx Zoo tested positive for coronavirus.

"This tiger in The Bronx Zoo got me scared. So, I'm going to get all my pets tested. I'm getting my sharks tested. I'm getting my moray eel tested. I just bought a 600-pound silverback gorilla. I'm taking him down to New York-Presbyterian and get him tested."