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TRACY MORGAN Is Being Accused Of 'PRETENDING' To Be Injured . . . To FINESSE Extra Money Out Of WALMART!! (Was Tracy Being EXTRA . . . About His Injuries??)

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Wal-Mart's insurance agency is BLASTING settlement they paid actor Tracy Morgan. The company sent Wal-Mart a letter, calling the reported $90 MILLION it paid Tracy Morgan as "excessive."

The insurance brokers suggest that Tracy was "faking" his injuries, to finesse extra money out of Wal-Mart. And they claim that Wal-Mart paid an EXORBITANT settlement to avoid any bad press.

Here is what the insurance brokers are saying in a new lawsuit:

Within weeks of Wal-Mart settling with Morgan, Morgan was seen driving one of the most powerful sports cars in midtown Manhattan, driving without any difficulty and clearly showing he was enjoying himself.

Wal-Mart would have learned that Morgan was capable of doing these things had it done an adequate and reasonable investigation before settling.

Tracy spent almost two months in the hospital and rehab following the June 2014 accident before he could return home.