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There has been much speculation over Birdman and his rumored fiancee Toni Braxton are actually engaged - and Toni's sister, Towanda, and Traci don't really seem to be too certain about their relationship status either.

Speaking to Hollywood Life, when asked if Toni is still getting hitched to Birdman, they seemed unclear.

“We don’t know, sorta!”, Towanda and Traci Braxton said about Toni’s relationship during their appearance on the HollywoodLife podcast.

“Listen, we’re in this together guys, okay,” Towanda continued. “We know that they’re together, sorta, kinda, maybe. If they get married, we’re just going to be there. I just told Toni, ‘Just let me know what your date is and then I’ll show up.’ Because, I’m not planning anything ever again.” 

At the beginning of the year, it was assumed that the pair had split because of cryptic messages that they both left on their social media pages. Later, Toni admitted that they hadn't split but the pair decided to not deny the split rumors because it gave them more privacy.

Are y'all looking forward to seeing Toni walk down the aisle with Birdman?