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Black-Ish actress Tracee Ellis Ross decided to dole out some advice to her followers on how to stay looking and feeling young - "have as much sex as possible" she says.

In a video captioned "5 "grown woman" ways to stay young by me," she broke down how she manages to stay looking so young despite her approaching 50.

"One, Giggle as much as possible. Two, gotta get your sleep. People say sleep when you're dead; I don't agree. Sleep when you're tired. That's what you do if you can. Three, drink so much water. Like seriously. Hydrate, hydrate hydrate! Four, have as much sex as possible. Sorry Mom, but it's true! Brings out the best in your skin," Tracee, 47, said in the clip.

But Tracee cautions, not just any sex. It has to be safe, consensual, connected and "yummy" sex. Finally she adds, number five "love with a full and open heart."

Seems like a solid list.

Tracee recently debuted her own haircare line, Pattern, meant "specifically for curly, coily and tight textured hair.⁠"