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Tracee Ellis Ross Dragged on Twitter For Calling Herself The "Face of Black Beauty"

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross referred to herself as the "face of Black beauty" in a recent interview. And that statement is not going over well with Black Twitter.


Many are upset that a biracial woman (Tracee's father is White) gets the moniker of the "face of Black beauty."

Others are upset because they feel that Tracee is not beautiful enough.

Either way, here are some of their responses:

Tracee Ellis Ross is an actress, singer, and television host. She is known for her lead roles in the television series Girlfriends (2000–2008) and Black-ish (2014–present). Ross owns Pattern Beauty, a hair-care line for curly hair.


Ross recently said in an interview with Elle Magazine:

Right before Girlfriends ended…I used to shop at all the beauty supply shops that were on Wilshire and one of the stylists was like, “You don't know the number of people that come in here with a picture of you pulled out of a magazine and they want your hair. If you were to do a line of products, you'd be a millionaire.” I was like, “What? My hair?” And, you know, there was no social media at the time so there was no connection between the community and me. 

Then I went to an event for Curly Nikki, who was one of the original natural hair care bloggers and there was a line of women around the block, all wearing their hair naturally. It was the first time I saw the larger community. That's what started to give me this idea. But the journey was a slow one. Our beauty was not a part of the standard or culture of beauty. There was no real frame to hold.