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Tr3yway member Snow Billy has called out incarcerated rapper, Shotti, claiming that he is a robber.

Speaking to BBN, he aired out his concerns over the way that Tekashi's image was handled:

"I wasn't really supporting a lot of the things that they wanted to do with 6ix9ine... At the beginning, when he came out, I wasn't really for certain things. There was a lot of sh*t going on with him and Casanova. I had to get involved with that. But being who I am, certain individuals felt 'Let's remove him and once he's removed we can do what we want to do.'"

He also took a swipe at Shotti's business ethics:

"He's not a business man. He's a robber. He's not a business man. He's not business-oriented. He might seem like it because he was getting his feet wet but he didn't know what to do with the situation, as we can all see now. Look at it. It's a f*cking mess."

Snow is gearing up to release his new book, 69 Shots about him introducing Tekashi to the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods and an attempted assassination on his life as Shotti worked hard to eliminate everybody around Tekashi.

Watch the interview in full below.