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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Tamar Is A HATER . . . She Got Her 'Friend' Toya Wright BANNED From 'THE REAL'


We all knew that Tamar Braxton was a petty person, now we know exactly HOW petty. Here is an excerpt from Toya Wright's new book, explaining how Tamar kept her OFF THE REAL.

“My friend [Tamar Braxton] was on the talk show for what I believe was two seasons and I was never able to go on there. After my friend was fired, my publicist was able to get me on the show, which I found to be stranger. I never had a convo with my homegirl about what happened to her and how she ended up leaving the talk show. All I knew is that she no longer worked there. ”

“I was able to release the cover art of my new book on the show. I was super excited! Little did I know, when I was done with the show I was gonna lose a friend and get unfollowed. It was news to my ears as I logged on to my social media accounts to see that I was tagged in all kinds of posts saying that myself and another friend were unfollowed for going on the show.”

“I guess I lost a friend, or maybe she was an associate. Either way another lesson learned. When people show you who they are, believe them."