Toya Wright Shares How She Help Reginae Get Through YFN Lucci Breakup


Toya Wright, the mother of Reginae Carter has shared how she helped her daughter deal with her breakup with rapper YFN Lucci.

According to Toya, Reginae's father, Lil Wayne, had a huge part to play in their daughter's healing.

"The good part about it is that her dad always keeps it real, and lets her know what's going on. We all try to instill good qualities and teach our kids good values," she told Hollywood Life. "But of course, as they get older they tend to take their own path and we just pray that they stay true to the good qualities that we instilled within them. And Reginae definitely makes us proud. She's independent. She's strong. She's smart, and she's not a fool. She was young and in love, and she learned, so that's a blessing."

Over the past week, both Reginae and Lucci have addressed their breakup. Reginae has sworn off rappers for good and Lucci says he doesn't regret the now-infamous cucumber party.