Toya And Memphitz Divorce Is FINALIZED . . . And Toya Actually Has To PAY HIM MONEY!! (Is This FAIR??)


Toya Wright and her estranged husband Mickey "Memphitz" Wright have been embroiled in a divorce now for almost three years - but it's finally over. According to online reports, the two have finally agreed to a divorce settlement.

Here are the particulars - as reported by the Jasmine Brand:

The agreement – signed by both parties – states neither husband or wife shall seek or receive alimony from the other now or in the future. Further, neither owns any real property to be divided.

Each will retain their own retirement investments and accounts. They both say all joint bank accounts have already been closed and they share no debt together. Each will be responsible for their own debt.

In regards to their automobiles and furniture and other personal property, each will keep the property in their possessions and Toya is waiving all rights to furniture and belongings in Mickey’s home currently.

Toya agreed to pay $8k to her soon-to-be ex-husband and Mickey will waive all rights to proceeds earned by her from the sale of her book, How to Lose a Husband, and proceeds from Before Bed Headz, a company she owns.