Tow Truck Driver Was DISPATCHED To The Scene Of A DEADLY ACCIDENT . . . When He Arrived To Tow Away The WRECKAGE . . . He Realized It Was His GIRLFRIEND THAT WAS KILLED!!

Original: just got some awful news. A Michigan tow truck driver was dispatched to the scene of a deadly car crash - only to find out that the person KILLED in the crash . . . was his GIRLFRIEND.

Jerome Tarver, the tow truck driver, spoke with the Detroit Free Press about the nightmare incident.

According to police, Jerome's 26-year-old girlfriend Jerrica Hicks was driving her 2001 Dodge Neon home early Monday morning, when she was struck HEAD ON by a pickup truck that crossed the dividing line of the road.

Jerome was called to the scene of the accident and IMMEDIATELY realized that his love was the one in the crash, and that she was DEAD. Police immediately called another tow company after they realized Jerome's situation. He was provided with counseling at the scene.

The other driver in the crash, 31-year-old Jonathon Horton, survived the accident virtually unharmed. Police believe that he was driving drunk. They charged Jonathan with manslaughter with a vehicle.