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TOUCHING VIDEO: Rapper G HERBO'S Babys Mother Starts CRYING At Her Baby Shower . . . Because He's LOCKED UP!! (VIDEO)

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Rapper G Herbo is facing 15 years in Illinois prison – over gun charges. He’s currently sitting in jail with no bail.

The rapper and two other men were arrested after his limousine driver snitched on him to police that they were carrying weapons.

His fiancee is currently 8-months pregnant, and the couple had planned to marry in six months. G Herbo has no prior felonies and no violent background. Last year, Herbo and two others were arrested during a traffic stop in which law enforcement allegedly found each person in the vehicle in possession of a loaded handgun. So this new charge cannot be good news.

And yesterday was his girlfriend’s baby shower. She was noticeably upset. She can be seen walking down the steps in a beautiful, white flowing dress before collapsing into a close friend or family member's arms and bursting into tears.

G Herbo has been held on a $25,000. When he is released, he as well as his companions, will be placed on electronic monitoring.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club last year, he spoke about the importance of keeping your calm when dealing with the cops:

"self-control, and discipline. That's another part of being humble. If there's certain situations where you don't got the upper hand, it's cool to just roll over and give that person the upper hand...It's cool to lose the battle, as long as you win the war."

Check out the video of his heartbroken fiancee below.