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Tory Lanez wants The Game to stop subbing him and call him out by name.

The Game dropped a video on his Instagram addressing rappers who make comparisons to Tupac. During a recent interview, Lanez compared 6ix9ine releasing his album behind Pac's to that of 6ix9ine's latest release.

 "It's really sad to see somebody at that kinda reminds me of, like, Bobby Shmurda," said Lanez. "For somebody to go that far, you got Kanye, Nicki Minaj, your album's dropping. It's like, the only n***a who had shit like that popping was 2Pac."

The Game isn't here for the comparisons. On his Instagram, he said:

"You don't know 2Pac to make that comparison." 

Tory then uploaded a video with the audio of Destiny's Child's "Say My Name," in which he tagged The Game and wrote, "stop the subliminals."

He also addressed it on his Twitter account:

"I did not compare 6ix9ine to 2Pac," he tweeted. "I just said they both dropped big albums from jail at the level of fame that they had."

Since his back and forth with Joyner Lucas, Lanez is chomping at the bit for his next rap exchange, will The Game give him what he wants and address him directly?